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Dude Sweet Chocolate

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Dude Sweet Chocolate
Dude Sweet Chocolate

Fruity Crack

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Fruity Crack

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Crack in a Box - Our amplified version of a chocolate bark stuffed to the brim with candied hazelnut, almonds, macadamia and cocoa nibs all in slabs of 72% South American dark chocolate. Has a very clean finish!

Fruity Crack - A "chunky" candy bar tribute for adults. 72% South American dark chocolate studded with bing cherries, golden raisins, dried black currants and fenugreek. We use the fenugreek to balance out the tannins attached to dried fruits. Note-Fenugreek is good for nursing mothers.  

Note-our nuts are candied using egg whites, powdered sugar and sea salt.

7-10 each 2" slabs per box


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