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Dude Sweet Fudge

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Dude Sweet Fudge
Dude Sweet Fudge


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Albatross - The very first fudge we made and still holds true, that bold, strong and rich in chocolate rules! International first place winner for best cheese Rogue Creamery Blue Heaven blue cheese powder gives all the salt, fat and acid a chocolate this bold needs. 

Enjoy with bold red wine or a worthy hard cider!

Hanio - Our fudges are more like a dense truffle. Creamy and without the gritty texture associated with typical American fudge. Inspired by a glorious trip to Southeast Asia and Hanoi,Vietnam in particular, this is a Vietnamese coffee inspired chocolate. Caramelized sweetened condensed milk and Noble Coyote (Dallas based) coffee roasters French roasted Ethiopian coffee will get your heart pumping with joy.

When Pigs Fly - Oh heck yes! This is a super creamy, truffle-like chocolate made with Whistlepig whiskey from Vermont. Katherine became friends with them via a charitable organization she participates in called Meatfight. Using the barrels after the whiskey is made, the maple is cured briefly in them. So yes, Whistlepig whiskey and maple syrup can only get better when chocolate is added!

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